1. Vouchers can be bought and used for any holiday accommodation booking (with or without travel) made directly through the following VR brand websites: Hoseasons, cottages.com, English Country Cottages, Scottish Country Cottages, Welsh Country Cottages, Irish Country Cottages, Italian Country Cottages, French Country Cottages, Welcome Cottages, Blakes Boats, Salcombe Holiday Homes, Dartmouth Holiday Homes, Cumbrian Cottages, Yorkshire Cottages, Scottish Cottages, Northumbria Cottages, Wales Cottages, Derbyshire Cottages or through any of our authorised Partners, subject to availability.

2. Vouchers cannot be used for travel agent bookings.

3. When a voucher is purchased, a Voucher Code will be issued. This Code will equal the exact purchase price. Voucher Codes can be redeemed online or over the telephone.

4. When a Low Deposit Offer is running, Voucher Codes cannot be used to make a low deposit payment.

5. Voucher Codes must be used in full to pay either all of the balance or standard deposit amount due. Where a Voucher Code value is less than the balance or standard deposit amount due then the outstanding difference must be paid by either using a debit or credit card. Where a Voucher Code value is greater than the balance due then any amount remaining on the Voucher Code can be used against another booking.

6. Voucher Codes are valid for 24 months from the date of purchase. Goodwill vouchers are valid for 12 months from the date of issue and Partner vouchers are subject to their individual validity periods and terms and conditions.

7. Any remaining excess on a Voucher Code can be re-used before the Voucher Code expiry date.

8. Vouchers/Voucher Codes do not have a monetary value. They cannot be transferred or exchanged for cash. If a full/partial refund is due for any reason, any part of the booking that was paid for using a Voucher Code will be returned by issuing a new Voucher Code. We can apply the same process for any compensation payments.

9. Voucher purchases are non-refundable and Voucher Codes cannot be re-issued if you make a mistake, they are mislaid or misappropriated. You must keep your Code safe and make sure that you have provided the correct email address and specified the correct Voucher amount.

10. Voucher Codes can be given as a gift but they cannot be traded or sold. If we suspect misuse/abuse of any kind, we can void the Code(s).

11. Booking Conditions apply to all bookings, please see our website or brochures.

12. Vouchers are issued in minimum and maximum amounts of £10 and £500 respectively, up to any limit.